Summary SOFiSTiK Expert Services

In addition to our Hotline Service and Academy trainings we can offer you further Expert Services.

With this scope of services we are able to suport you from a simple hotline request up to long time project support.

We provide the following SOFiSTiK Expert Services:


Local Support

Special Support or Expert Training at customers place.

Customer advantages:
- support at your own work place with your own hard- and software
- access to all project data
- direct support on current projects

Fees: on request only


Direct Support

Individual Support on hourly basis via Internet or directly at SOFiSTiK AG.

Customer advantages:
- direct support for individual questions
- possible on short call
- charge on hourly basis minimizes costs

Fees: on request only


Project Support

Long time project support including direct supporter contact

Customer advantages:
- direct access to our know how
- intensive training and optimisation of software application
- personal contact
- individual scope of services
Fees: on request only


For further questions please contact us via Email or
via phone +49 (0)911-39901-0 .