Online Introduction SSD/SOFiPLUS Version 2014

The following tutorial movies will help you to start working with the current SOFiSTiK software (version 2014), especially with the SOFiSTiK Structural Desktop (SSD) and SOFiPLUS(-X).

The movies will show you the main program features and guide you step by step through a small project example. Simply click on the picture and the movie will start immediately. After studying all movies you should be able to start working on your own projects.

For further examples, movies and tutorials go to our Infoportal, or to our Chanel.

We wish you now lots of fun while working with our software.


Your SOFiSTiK Team

 Chapter 0: Welcome  

  • Wellcome
  • Workflow of a SSD-project
  • the SOFiSTiK-Database (CDB)
  • What are structure elemnts
  • Introduction example "simple slab"
    Version 2014 (December 2013)

Chapter 1: starting a new Project

  • How to start a new project
  • The system information dialogue
  • The task tree in SSD

Chapter 2: Input of Materials and Cross Sections

  • Defining / changing material
  • Defining cross sections

Chapter 3: Graphical Input of System and Loads

  • Input of geometry
  • Defining structure elements
  • Input of loads
  • Exporting system to database
  • Checking the system

Chapter 4: Define Combinations

  • The automatically generated combination rules
  • Defining new combination rules

Chapter 5: Linear Analysis and Superpositioning

  • Calculation of loadcases
    selection of loadcases to be calculated
    controling the text output
    selecting the graphical output
  • Calculation of the superpositioning
  • The table area in SSD

Chapter 6: Desing of Area and Beam Elements

  • Task "Design Parameters"
    types of reinforcement
    group selection
    parameters for reinforcement
  • Design of area elements in ULS and SLS
  • Design of beam elements

Chapter 7: Result Documentation

  • Creating a documentation with URSULA
  • Inserting a table of contents
  • Selecting content
  • Adding additional graphics interactively
  • 1.PrinPrinting document as PDF-file

Chapter 8: Help and Support

  • Converting a task to a text file
  • The manuals of the SOFiSTiK modules
  • Colletction of examples, tutorials, movies
  • An einem SOFinar teilnehmen
  • Sample files in TEDDY
  • The SOFiSTiK forum
  • How to create a support request out of SSD directly