System Generation

WinTUBE 3D, developed by our partner FIDES DV-Partner GmbH, is a professional and interactive CAD pre-processor especially developed for the use in Tunnel projects and their analysis and design. It includes a lot of wizards to assist the user to define and carry out very easy tunneling-specific tasks. WinTUBE is 100% compatible with the ASE and TALPA solvers and will create a normal SOFiSTiK CDB database.


  • CAD-functionality
  • Automatic intersection of structural volumes or structural surfaces,
  • Extensive control of visibilities, named views
  • Intelligent selection of objects
  • Windows standard like: undo/redo, copy & paste, context sensitive menu, ...
  • DXF-import, import of structures from an existing SOFiSTiK-database
  • Numerous wizards f.e. for: tunnel-cross-sections, tunnel-junctions, construction stages, loading, file check,...
  • Automatic mesh generation
  • Structured grids and unstructured meshes may be mixed up, automatic detection of structural surfaces
  • Functions for mesh enhancement of selected mesh regions, refinement- and compulsory points, ...
  • Generation of excavation- or construction phases and loading
  • Data generation for the SOFiSTiK program HYDRA for seepage or thermal analysis
  • Generation of non-linear 2D und 3D-Interfaceelements,...
  • Generation of 3D-Models by extrusion of any plain system or using the unstructured mesh generator for 3Dmeshes with tetrahedral elements
  • Simulation of tension- and tubbing-hinges,
  • Powerful generation of pile and pilecap systems in combination with volume elements
  • FIDES-WinTUBE generates pure ASCII-files, simultaneous editing with FIDES-WinTUBE and TEDDY is possible
  • Merging of multiple files, saving of subsystems,multiple copying
  • ..and a lot more...