Result Evaluation - Post-Processing

The results of the complete tunnel project analysis incl. the full system geometry are stored in one common database - the so called "CDB".
The engineer can literally browse through the results using various SOFiSTiK post-processing tools. During browsing the user can export result data (pictures, lists or diagrams) into the report document. The exported data has an intelligent link to the CDB-database and will automatically be updated in case the results change, due to a new system analysis.

These result-browsers for the post-processing can be used:

Animator: Powerful openGL viewer for quick plausibility checks
WinGRAF: View any result type graphically
DBView:   View any result type as a numerical list
REPView: View, browse, print your analysis report

Some highlights:

  • Definition of interactive plolts
    • Any plot definition can be stored and used as a template for further analyis in similar projects
    • Standard plots can be defined already in the pre-processing with WinTUBE