Area of Application

The SOFiSTiK Tunnel and Geotechnics packages can analyse various types of Tunnel construction methods, like:

  • Cut-and-Cover: is a simple method of construction for shallow tunnels where a trench is excavated and roofed over.  
  • Shotcreting Method: New Austrian Tunneling Methos (NATM)
  • Tunnel boring machines (TMBs)
  • Pipe jacking
  • Underwater tunnels
  • Tubbing-lining
  • Special structures: Tunnel-junctions, branch of emergency exits, portals, shafts, etc..
  • Renovation and extension of existing tunnels

In addition to the standard tunnelling projects, SOFiSTiK can be used in special investigation fields of tunnel engineering as well:

  • Earthquake and dynamic analysis of tunnel structures with the SOFiSTiK modules DYNA and ASE
  • Groundwater flows and thermal analysis using the SOFiSTiK module HYDRA
  • Multiphysics (CFD) for the analysis of fire and flue gas in tunnels with the module DOLFYN
  • Combined system; e.g. a soil-structure interaction, etc.