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Tunnel Design

SOFiSTiK software is a very powerful and effective finite element analysis package to perform a 2D and 3D Tunnel analysis based on the solvers TALPA and ASE. In addition to the deformation and stability analysis in Tunnel projects SOFiSTiK offers as one of the few solution on the market extensive design capabilities for many international codes like EC, BRO, BS, SNIP, DIN, etc. On of the main advantages using SOFiSTiK software for Tunnel engineering projects is the possibility of analysing combined systems.

Additional funtionality can be added for seepage analyisis using the SOFiSTiK modules HYDRA, seismic and dynamic analyisis using DYNA/ASE and fire or flue gas analysis using the CFD code DOLFYN.

SOFiSTiK Material and Soil models

  • Orthotropic material
  • General elastoplastic models with associative/ non-associative flow and various failure conditions, e.g.,
    • von Mise
    • Drucker-Prager
    • Mohr-Coulomb
    • Lade
    • Gudehus
  • General viscoplastic laws for modeling time dependent effects, such as
    • Creep
    • Short / long term strength
  • GRAN - advanced soil model
    •  (double-)hardening plasticity
    • Automatic calibration for
      • Realistic simulation of compressive loading states
      • Realistic simulation of deviatoric hardening response (Kondner Hyperbola)
    • Stress dependent stiffness formulation
    • Automatic consideration of loading direction (different stiffness response for primary and un-/reloading stress paths)
    • Failure condition according to Mohr-Coulomb
    • Loading state dependent dilatancy effects
  • Oriented shear planes for jointed materials
    •  Oriented shear planes
    •  Scalar damage model for tensile failure
  • Swelling soil / squeezing rock
    •  Time and stress dependent strain evolution
  • Hypoplastic material model 
    •   according to v. Wolffersdorff
  • Interface for user supplied material models

WinTUBE - 2D and 3D system generation for tunnel projects

WinTUBE, developed by our partner company FIDES, is a professional and interactive CAD preprocessor especially designed for tunnel- and geotechnical systems. Just like SOFiPLUS for building design, WinTUBE is being used as a very powerful tool for the system, mesh and load generation, as well as for the management of construction stages. WinTUBE is 100% compatible with the ASE and TALPA solvers and will create a normal SOFiSTiK CDB database, so Animator, WinGRAF and URSULA can be used for further post-processing as usual !

Main features:

  • CAD-based functionality
  • On/off visibility settings
  • User defined views
  • Intelligent object selection
  • DXF-Import
  • SOFiSTiK CDB Import
  • Undo/redo , copy/paste
  • Wizard for Tunnel cross-sections
  • Wizard for intersection...
  • Non-linear bedded beam systems
  • 2D FE systems
  • Non-linear 3D shell models
  • Non-linear 3D volume models
  • Iterative 3D volume models
  • General 3D systems, freeform
  • Cut-and-Cover, Shotcrete
  • TBM Systems
  • Tubbings, Emergency shafts, portals