Buckling I-BEAM


Steel Design


The SOFiSTiK modules ASE, STAR and DYNA offer powerful tools for analysis and design of complex steel design problems. Besides the possiblity to analyze acc. to 3rd order theory the programs offer non-linear material modells for metallic materials. The applied elasto-plastic-zone theory is based on the interaction of any internal forces and moments.


Capability Characteristics

  • 3D-Truss and cable structures, 3D-folded structures
  • Volume elements
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd order theory
  • Primary load cases for construction stages
  • Checks: el-el, el-pl, pl-pl,
  • Elasto-plastic zones, plastic hinges
  • Profile library, free cross sections (e.g. composite design) 
  • Buckling Eigenvalues
  • Flexural buckling, lateral torsional buckling
  • Profile optimization
  • Warping stress
  • Buckling of shells and slabs
  • Arbitrary metallic design material
  • Multi-layered layer element
  • Non-linear dynamic
  • Non-linear springs
  • Interfaces: SteelCON, ifc structural, AutoCAD
  • SteelCON - Connection designs with determination of spring stiffness


Design Codes

  • DIN 18800
  • EC 3/4
  • Ö-Norm 4600