STAR - 3D Frame System Analysis

Frame and girder systems are among the most common systems in structural design. The STAR module enables the engineer to solve complex problems associated with these structures. Different module extensions allow that STAR can be used for steel-, concrete-, timber-, composite-, and bridge designs. A robust equation solver grants a very high convergence certainty, even when analyzing large non-linear systems.




  • Material data base (DIN, EC, BS, ACI, ASSHTO a.o.)
  • Non-linear material law for concrete and metals
  • Interactive input of any stress - strain curves
  • Free to define material attributes

Cross sections

  • Table with steel design cross sections acc. to DIN, EC, BS a.o.
  • Standard cross section library
  • Cable cross sections (a.o. DIN 3052 a.ff.)
  • Geometry-free input only via parameters
  • Any thick or thinn walled polygonal cross sections
  • Polygonal cross secions with block outs
  • Correct shear stress, shear center, torsional moment of inertia
  • Composite cross section
  • Comfortable graphical CS-generation and management with WinAQUA
  • DXF-Interface
  • Interctive input e.g. of welding lines, shear sections, reinforcement, effective width


  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd order theory (e.g. cable systems with large deformations)
  • Non-linear material laws for concrete incl. tension stiffening
  • Elasto-plastic-zones and hinges for steel and other metallic materials with consideration of any of the 6 internal forces
  • Pre-deformations, imperfections (global and local)
  • Creeping and shrinking, redistribution due to construction stages
  • System transfer to ASE and DYNA
  • Generating and analyzing influence lines with ELSE
  • Loads independent of element division via beam groups
  • Automatical Min/Max analysis of internal forces and moments, support reactions, deformations, stresses, bedding forces
  • Enveloping curve for extreme values
  • Alternative load cases and groups

Reinforced Concrete Design

  • DIN1045, 1045-1, 4227, Ö-Norm 4700, EC2, ACI, SIA, BS, India, China, SNIP

Steel and Stress Verification

  • DIN 18800, 1052, EC 3/4/5, Ö-Norm, SIA, AASHTO, India, China, SNIP
  • W/D-check, fatigue resistance
  • Checks E-E, E-PL and PL-PL