SOFiPLUS is SOFiSTiK's standard pre-processor. Based on AutoCAD 2010  the program takes full advantage of the enhanced AutoCAD modelling-technology enabling the engineer to generate almost any FE-structure - from simple slabs to complicated freeform-surfaces. SOFiPLUS can be purchased as a pure add-on to AutoCAD or included with an integrated AutoCAD 2009-OEM engine.



  • Modelling of almost any 3D structure
  • 100% AutoCAD compatible
  • Use all AutoCAD-commands on SOFiPLUS-elements
  • Full integration into the SOFiSTiK Strcutural Desktop
  • Multi Document Enviroment - keep several projects opened
  • Unlimited "undo"-steps
  • Import any SOFiSTiK database even if not created with SOFiPLUS
  • Full interaction with SOFiSTiK´s text-input via TEDDY/CADINP
  • Multiple vieports
  • Database for materials and cross-sections
  • Interactive/automatic superpostioning
  • Freeform-Surfaces
  • Automatic distribution of loads along any line, curve or spline
  • Free Load, element-loads, volume-loads
  • Automatic mesh generator (triangular, qudrilateral elements)
  • Interactive cross-section generator
  • DWG/DXF In-/Export


  • NEW: Defnition of any 3D tendon