Dynamic & Seismic Analysis

SOFiSTiK offers two programs to solve dynamik problems. DYNA is the stand-alone tool for linear dynamics and seismic analysis & design. ASE (Modules 1/2) offers Eigenvalues and time-step method.

  • Eigenfrequencies
  • Time Step Method with direct integration of equation of motion
  • Integration of the motion equation through superpositioning of the Eigenforms (even for 3D continua)
  • Stationary or Spectra-induced oscillation
  • Eigenvalue Solver: simultanous
    Vector Iteration / Lanczos / Rayleigh
  • Consistent or diagonalized masses and damping matrices
  • Consistent consideration of excentricities also for mass matrices
  • Geometric stiffness and buckling Eigenvalues, effective length


  • Single masses (incl. off- diagonal)
  • 3D beams incl. uniform and warping torsion
  • Truss- and cable elements
  • Spring-, boundary- and FLEX elements
  • Damping elements (linear and non-linear)
  • 3D-shell elements
  • 3D-continuum elements (only via ASE)


  • Response Spectra accd. EC8, DIN 4149 alt/neu, Ö-Norm B 4015, SIA 160, UBC,IBC,Indian Standard 1893, Chinesische GBJ 11.89 , SNIP
  • Correctly signed superpositioning of corresponding forces with the spectra
  • SRSS and CQC-Superpositioning, absolute addition
  • Stationary response with frequency response (dynamic stiffness)
  • Groups with variable damping characteristics
  • Non-linear damping
  • Time-History with Modal Analysis
  • Time-History with Direct Analysis
  • Evaluation of maxima and time dependend integration
  • Evaluation of the response spectra with DYNR
  • Wind-History integration with SOFiLOAD-WH
  • Vehicle-Structure-Integration, moving loads, High-Speed trains
  • Dynamic contact problems
  • Animated movies for transient and steady movement analysis of maximum base shear for the time history loading
  • Scale factors for ground acceleration for time history loading
  • Time history analysis with blast loading and multiple arrival times for multiple vibrational sources
  • Harmonic load generator
  • Combination of dynamic forces with static loading for subsequent design
  • Missing mass for response spectrum load cases
  • Modal damping for time history and spectrum
  • Base shear analysis includes direction factors
  • Extraction of frequency and mode shapes
  • Modal damping ration for individual modes
  • Push-Over Analysis

Non-Linear Wind Analysis

The modules SOFiLOAD-W (Wind), SOFiLOAD-WH (Wind History) extends the dynamics analysis modules DYNA and ASE in solving complex non-linear wind analysis tasks for civil and structural engineering.

Following complex effects for the wind analysis are taking into account:

  • Wind climate (Global Wind)
  • Topology and roughness of the terrain (Local Wind)
  • Aerodynamics, Aeroelasticity with drag coefficients and wind force derivatives
  • Structural Dynamics (Response of the Structure)
  • Design of the Structure 

Capabilities SOFiLOAD -W

  • Determination of wind profiles considering the type of ground
  • Statically wind loads on any Area-, Cable-, Formwork- and Truss Element
  • Automatic consideration of the wind pressure values according following codes: DIN 1055, 1056, 4131-A, 4133-A, 4228, EC 1, VGB ? BTR and the atmospheric wind
  • Wind Zones with the atmospheric wind map
  • Roughness of the wind

Capabilities SOFiLOAD -WH

  • Dynamical wind loads
  • 10-Minute-wind courses (Time constant, but spatial variant basic mean wind)
  • Wind spectra according to Karmann, Davenport, Harris, EC 1, Fichtl/McVehil, Simiu/Scanlan
  • Analysis in ASE and DYNA with the consideration of the structure form/shape