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DOLFYN - CFD in Civil Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a standard numerical method for solving any kind of fluid motion and the transport of heat or particles within the fluid.

SOFiSTiK has gained consulting and project experience during the past years and is now supporting DOLFYN (www.dolfyn.net), an open source CFD-Solver used in practice in many engineering fields.

DOLFYN is a Finite Volume software to solve incompressible fluid dynamic problems in 3D.

DOLFYN Features

  • Standard k-ɛ and RNG turbulence models
  • Stable numerical procedures
  • Temperature / scalars / particles included 
  • Postprocessing with ParaView / VisIt (VTK-fi les)

Full integration in the SOFiSTiK environment

  • Mesh generation with SOFIMSHA / SOFIMSHC
  • Automatic tetrahedral meshing (NETGEN)
  • Post-processing with WinGRAF
  • Full CADINP support including formulas for boundary and initial conditions
  • Easy wind defi nition (atmospheric boundary layer) directly or via SOFiLOAD
  • Standard wind profi les with turbulence parameters according to EN 1991-4, SIA, DIN, SNIP
  • Direct generation of resulting wind loading in the data base