General Brochure (PDF, 1.5MB)




CADINP - Text based Input

Among the graphical pre-processor SOFiPLUS, SOFiSTiK offers a very powerful text-editor and script language to control the behaviour of all programs. Using the SOFiSTiK editor TEDDY the engineer can create parametric data-sets for any SOFiSTiK module. The major advantage of text-based paramtetric input is being relaized when gernerating oftenly repeating strucutres that are very similiar, like tanks, frames, pre-cast girders. Data-sets can be used to build up a company database of of text-templeate being used for standard systems and proceedures.
For the start SOFiSTiK offers many types of strucutural systems and tasks as example files that can be altered individually.


  • Input and control of all SOFiSTiK modules
  • Local and global variables
  • Arithmetic functions(LOG, EXP, SIN, COS)
  • Loops and Jumps (LOOP)
  • Logic queries (IF, ENDIF, ELSE)
  • Direct access to the SOFiSTiK database (@key)
  • Simple sketches
  • Free comments
  • User defined macros
  • Line or Column-Input
  • Archieve-Wizard
  • All commans in English
  • Full-Text-Search
  • Contextsensitive help as PDF-file