Graphical parametric input SOFiPLUS and CABD 

For more complicated structures incl. abutements and pile foundations using SOFiPLUS based on AutoCAD's powerful CAD-engine is the engineers choice. The additional CABD technology allows parametric graphical modeling of cross-sections, bridge axes and tendons.


CADiNP: Parametric Text-Input

The text-based input of structures enables the engineer to a very flexible and scalable generation of the systems geometrie, tendon opimization, loading and report generation. Of course the generating a parametric model is more time consuming in the beginning, but this is easily compensated by the flexibiltiy within a desing process that requires many changes. Last but not least text files can be used as "templates" to create similiar bridges later on. Not to say that any model can be worked at in SOFiPLUS as well.

SOFiSTiK offers many bridge types as sample input-files ! Just ask !