The loads and definition of action effects for bridge design is largely done with SOFiLOAD or SOFiLOAD-V, which allows graphical input via SOFiPLUS or traditional input via CADiNP. The load input via influence lines is covered by the module ELSE.

The following load types are available a.o.:

  • Element loads for girders,
  • Quad elements,
  • Cables & Trusses,
  • Volumes,
  • Free point-, line-, polygon- and volume loads
  • Load distribution areas

Traffic loads:

  • Using different load positions and superpostioning of the results
  • Using inluence lines

Standard load trains:

  • LM/FLM acc. EC1 part 3
  • SLW acc. DIN/ÖNORM/IAP (Spain) 
  • SW acc. DS804 / EC
  • Rail-/Highway loading acc. BS 5400 (UK) 
  • Highway loading acc. AASHTO (USA)
  • IRC (India) , JRA (Japan)

Dynamic loading:

  • Response spectra accd. to EC8,DIN4149,ÖNORM B4015, UBC, JRA, GB 50011/GBJ 11( VR China), IS 1893 (India), SIA 160
  • Capacity spectra / Push-Over
  • Special load functions for pedestrians, spectra a.o.
  • Accelerations (Translation/rotation)
  • Load history (time step procedure)
  • Ship impact

High Speed Train loading

Wind Loading:

  • Wind zones and wind profiles
  • Roughness profiles
  • Wind force coefficients
  • Wind spectra
  • Wind codes EC1 , DIN, VGB