Free/Balanced Cantilever Method

This construction method can fully be simulated by the SOFiSTiK programs, either by using truss structures or finite elements. Here it is also very important that different systems in one structure can be analyzed.

Entire buttresses can be examined, including their foundations, e.g. buttress foundation. For buttresses containing the maximum number of tendons, structural design analyses can be performed for any of the pre-stressed elements and any of the cross-sectional states considering conduit weakening and pressure grouted conduits.  

The consideration of the construction stages is especially important when handling this type of bridges. The SOFiSTiK CSM module automatically generate the entire input for the analysis of the construction stages as well as the time depending deformations. A magnification analysis with specification of a target construction stage can also be conducted.

As with incrementally launched bridges, a number of possibilities are available for the system generations.