Bending Shapes

Bending Schedule

RC Detailing Macros

only with SOFiCAD

SOFiCAD-B Reinforcement

SOFiCAD-B Reinforcement is the flexible and well proven tool to generate and edit reinforcement drawings with steel bars, stirrups and meshes.

Besides a large amount of workflow adjustment options to suit the individual engineer, the programmability of user specific macros and the connection to SOFiSTiK FEA are the most important features.



  • Seamless integration into AutoCAD
  • Any AutoCAD editing command, attribute and quick filters can be applied to the reinforcement objects
  • Context sensitive, intuitive right-click menu
  • Simple modification of the drawn reinforcement
  • Easy generation of office standards through many styles
  • Automatic and manual assignment of position numbers
  • Simple detection of any position by browsing
  • Automatic quantity determination, manual updating is not required
  • Visible multiplier for layings, which can be counted any number of times, or excluded, in the bar schedule
  • Section cuts per running meter for details with automatic quantity determination
  • Bar and bending schedule generated directly by the program
  • Country specific mesh-types, individual steel bar diameters and stirrups can be defined in an external file
  • Extract grids for steel bars as well as for stirrup meshes
  • Works with construction stages to classify the reinforcement into different bending schedules
  • Link to the SOFiSTiK FEA: Import of results and saving of reinforcement

Macros (only with SOFiCAD)

  • Components: Column, staircase, footing, continuous beam, angular retaining wall, circular slab etc.
  • Interface with SOFiSTiK analysis programs  for columns and footings
  • Automatically generated formwork and reinforcement for standard building components
  • Input of parameters using a template
  • Using the CADINP-macro language, any templates for formwork and reinforcement drawings can be prepared

Steel Bar Reinforcement

  • Automatic consideration of the concrete cover
  • Steel bar extracts are optionally displayed in their real form, including corresponding bending roll and steel bar diameters
  • Integration of any bending shape according to old DIN 1356 part 10 and new DIN EN ISO 3766
  • By so-called X-bars any steel shapes are possible
  • Fully automatic bending shape recognition
  • Connecting elements with automatic  entry into the bar schedule
  • In case of two-layered reinforcement in the section, the required spacers are generated automatically
  • Hooks according to bar diameter “ds” or absolute length

Variable steel bars

  • Generation along arbitrary formwork edges
  • Several different partial lengths can be used
  • Possibility of summing up the partial lengths of any bending shape according to Delta-lengths and quantity
  • Summed up bars with subordinated referencing

Mesh reinforcement

  • Any mesh layer has multiple editing possibilities
  • Generation of project specific list and layouts
  • Generation of project specific individual meshes
  • Stirrup meshes input takes into account the concrete cover
  • Intuitive Grip-Editing with dynamic dimensioning