BAMTEC uses individually tailored reinforcement carpets for concrete slabs instead of conventional reinforcement with meshes. These carpets consist of uni-axial straight reinforcement bars welded with flexible transverse strips.

Due to the fact that the carpets are produced individually for any plan and structural analysis, excess material is almost reduced to zero. Up to 40% of material can be saved in comparison to conventional reinforcement mats. After the carpet geometries were determined in the engineering office, SOFiCAD (optional on the basis of a preceding Finite- Element analysis, e.g. SlabDesigner) is used to automatically generate the inspection-, manufacturing- and rollout-plans. Simultaneously to this process the machine control files are generated. The entire process chain for slab design and production is covered by the programs SlabDesigner, SOFiCAD-reinforcement and BAMTEC. This will result in much more economical planning and construction.



  • Creation of carpets including their corresponding rollout is fully automatic.
  • Check and production drawings layouts are fully supported in AutoCAD which means one file contains all required drawings
  • Generated with or without corresponding FE-Analysis
  • Selection of supported standards:
    • DIN 1045-1, SNIP, SIA, EC2, BS8110, BBK94
  • Subsequent division of carpets, i.e. into laying areas, is only assigned when the installation sequence is known
  • Subsequent changing of the rolling direction
  • Additional reinforcement areas with reinforcement specified via As-values or assigned diameters can be defined
  • Bar diameters and lengths can be changed subsequently; bar schedules on the production drawings will be updated automatically
  • The carpet can be subsequently divided into steel bar distributions, if SOFiCAD-B reinforcement is installed
  • After changes, all plans are updated at the push of a button
  • Machine control files are generated in any arbitrary directory
  • Manipulation via intuitive right-click-menu or tool boxes
  • Subsequent editing of each individual carpet’s edges