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SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing

SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing significantly accelerates the creation of 2D reinforcement sheets out of 3D-Rebar models in Revit. The product consists of software and a set of families, which can easily be modified to meet local or company standards. Creation of bar lists, bending schedules and cut lists for wire meshes is included as well.

Download a 30 days free trial via AUTODESK App Store

The price for subscribing to a single user license is 550 USD per year or 90 USD per month (all prices excluding taxes).

Please read the Software End User License Terms carefully before downloading, installing or using SOFiSTiK Reinforcement Detailing.

For network license options contact us at:

Functionalities at a glance

  • Customizable Content Packs in order to reach individual standards.
  • Operational Modes: Marks per project, - sheet or - host.
  • Set Marks according to additional criteria's like running length, not bent, couplers etc.
  • Sort order for marks according to bar diameter, length, shape etc.
  • Group bars to a specific SOFiSTiK Rebar Set (container) according its layout.
  • SOFiSTiK Multiplier for the quantity of Rebar Sets and Fabric Sheets.
  • Stagger segment lengths of SOFiSTiK Variable Rebar Set.
  • Split Rebar Sets or - Shapes according to the stock length and the length of splice.
  • Detailing tools to indicate the rebar layout, - bar ends, - layers, etc.
  • Shape Code detection according to various national standards.
  • Reinforcement Layer functionality in floors, walls and foundation slabs.
  • Browse through the marks of rebars and fabric sheets.
  • Distribute reinforcement in elements with complex shapes and faces.
  • Creation of bent fabrics rows according to a given length.
  • Customizable reinforcement schedules and cut lists for fabric sheets.
  • Revisions for reinforcement sheets and corresponding schedules.
  • Freeze/Unfreeze of reinforcement geometry and properties.
  • Export BVBS reinforcement data as *.abs file for bending machine.
Click on image to download Autodesk Customer Success Story of ABT B.V. (PDF)
Click on image to download SOFiSTiK Customer Success Story of Melia Smith & Jones (PDF)
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