SOFiCAD Data-Exchange

Using the world-standard DWG, which is the standard AutoCAD file format, exchange with other CAD programs is almost unlimited.

SOFiCAD Object Enabler
For SOFiCAD drawings (DWG) to be viewed or plotted correctly on seats without SOFiCAD or programs such as AutoCAD LT, ObjectEnabler is required in most cases. The ObjectEnabler is automatically installed with the normal SOFiCAD-installation, otherwise special installations are available. The SOFiCAD ObjectEnabler is freeware and may be transmitted free of charge and without license-agreement.

The command “Explodeall” allows the disassembly of any SOFiCAD element into AutoCAD elements. Scale dependent objects e.g. the reinforcement, will be stored on a scale dependent layer with a corresponding size for each existing scale.
The command is required if objects cannot be transmitted or in case the recipient is unable to read the data.

The command “BFE-Show” serves as a control-tool for the reinforcement. By comparing the file reinforcement with the required reinforcement according to the results of the Finite Element Analysis, any areas of underspecified reinforcement can be identified.
Results from SOFiSTiK FEA programs (CDB) can be imported into the SOFiCAD drawing with this command.

Autodesk Revit
Formwork and shop drawings generated with Autodesk Revit Structure and Revit Architecture can be easily exported in DWG format for further processing in SOFiCAD in 2D.

The new DWF™ 6 (Design Web Format™) allows publication of all drawings in a drawing set into a single DWF-file, thereby reducing the number of files to transmit and substantially reducing problems regarding the display and print order. DWF files running to several pages can easily be viewed and printed in the correct order with the free of charge Autodesk® DWF Viewer.
More information concerning DWF