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SOFiSTiK BiMTOOLS are a set of free tools for Autodesk Revit Structure which enhances the productivity for elaborations of views up to 50%.

SOFiSTiK BiMTOOLS are available in German, English and French.

The tools contain the following functionality:

Substitution of Font Type

This tool will change the font properties of any Annotation (Notes, Dimensions, Wall-Tags, Beam-Tags, Column-Tags, etc.) in a Revit Project. Using special filters you can change Annotations with specific properties.


Read out of Coordinates

This tool will create a list of Insertion Points for specific elements. With this information you can mark the insertion points directly for use on the construction site.
The user can select in which coordinate System they want the data. After that it is possible to use this data with additional systems (e.g. measurements).


Create Views of Elements

With these functions you can create specific Views in a simple way for any Element in Revit regardless of its orientation. You can define the orientation of the view, and then the Tool creates specific views and places it on a Sheet.

Positioning of Elements

With this tool you can apply a Position Number to Elements with the same Category. It is possible to select a prefix for each category and define the order of numeration. The Format of Positioning is flexible so, for example, you can also add the Level Information in these Tags.

Family Creator

With the Family Creator you can create your own Families for Beams, Braces, Columns, Profiles and Details. These Families allow the best communication with other SOFiSTiK Products (e.g. SOFiSTiK Structural analysis software). You can define the shape, the material and the Tool that will create that family in your project.

Automatic Dimensioning

With this tool you can dimension plan views, section views, etc. in a very efficient way.
The function defines more dimension lines in one way. You need only select which categories you want to have for which dimension line, so you don’t have to click each reference you want to dimension in that view.

Selective tagging

In formwork views also objects situated above the slab are displayed. In general users don't want to tag these objects. A new function will allow the users to only tag objects cutted in that view. The annotation family type for each category can be chosen by the user.

Hiding of categories not to be plotted

In Revit all visible objects in views will be plotted. A new function will allow to easily hide/unhide categories which should not be plotted. The new functionality will switch on and off these categories in all views. Users can choses between categories to be hidden or not.