SOFiSTiK Educational-Version

As professor, assistant and regular student from the faculties of civil engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, architecture and mechanical engineering you may use the SOFiSTiK Educational-Version at no charge.

This version is only available via download.

Please register in the following registration form.

If possible attach a student identification in English language!



Send us a document that verifies your student status.(.pdf files only)
I herewith accept the delivery conditions of SOFiSTiK AG.

* Input is neccessary. 

Please note:

We will check the student identification before sending the licence files. This may last up to 2 work days.

There are some known issues about uploading the necessary student identification. In most cases you may solve this problem using a different browser or save the attachment again with a newer pdf writer. We kindly ask for your understanding, but the online registration is mandatory.