Who will get this version?

Every student and faculty member of the faculties of civil engineering, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, architecture and mechanical engineering may get this version.


Which Products are inside the package?

  • all programs of the current program version.


You will get a free Autodesk program version for students here.


What is not part of this package? 

  • SOFiSTiK FEA Version for Linux.
  • SOFiLOAD Dynamic Wind



  • The educational version is not compatible to commercial version.
  • We print a watermark "Educational" on all plots (FEA and SOFiCAD)
  • Our SOFiSTiK program versions run only with specific operating systems and AutoCAD versions. Please check our version overview.


Software Fees?

The SOFiSTiK Educational-Version is free of charge


How to getting the Software:

Please fill out the registration form and attach a copy (pdf-format only) of your latest student identification. After receiving the registration form and checking your student idetification, we will send you automatically a licence file and an installation instruction via Email. The software is only available via download.



You will find lots of examples, tutorials, movies inside our Infoportal 

The program manuals will be installed and are available in pdf-format.n.



There will be no active support for the Educational-Version.

For further questions please register in our Educational-Forum. This user group is in English language only.


Extending the licence:

Simply fill out the registration form again, when your licence ill expire. You will then get a new licence file.


You are not allowed:

  • to use the Educational-Version for commercial purposes
  • to pass the software to someone else and to distribute any copies
  • to change the software, without authorisation 


I hereby declare that I will use the software only for educational and research purposes. I will not change or pass the sortware to a third party.